RAM-SODIMM-DDR3, 8GB, PC1600, 1.5V/1.35V

204-polig. 512Mx8, 1.5V/1.35V, Single Wide Temperature -40° ~ +85°C

  • The CIR-S3SUSKM1608G is 1024M words X 64 bits, 2 ranks
  • Unbuffered Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module (SO-DIMM)
  • DDR3 SDRAMs in Fine Ball Grid Array(FBGA) packages on a 204pin glass-epoxy substrate
  • Provide a high performance 8 byte interface in 67.60mm width form factor of industry standard
  • It is suitable for easy interchange and addition
Artikelnummer: 506163

Spezifikationen RAM-SODIMM-DDR3, 8GB, PC1600, 1.5V/1.35V

Pin Count204pin
Dimensions67.6mm x 30.0mm
Component Config512M x 8 bit
Data Rate1600 MHz
CAS Latency11
PCB Layers8
Operating Temp.(TCASE)0°C~+85°C
Module RanksDual Rank
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