20-pin INFINEON TPM Module software mangement tool, firmware v5.5

  • 20-pin INFINEON TPM Module
  • Software Management Tool
  • Firmware v5.5
  • Anti H/W Attack
  • Secure Startup
Artikelnummer: 505353

Spezifikationen TPM-IN02-R20

Secure StartupRoot of Trust Measurement of early boot devices
Anti H/W AttackSensors and active shield
TSS API SupportMS-CAPI/PKCS#11, #12
H/W CertificationEAL 4
Managment Tool FunctionTPM management
File & Folder En/De-cryption
Personal secure drive
Secure E-Mail
Key transferring
Security policy configuration
Market SegmentComplete TPM 1.2/2.0 function
TCG SpecificationTCG 1.2/2.0 compliant trusted platform module
InterfaceLow pin count
Software StructureTCG software stack 1.2 complaint
Cryptographic AcceleratorHAS-1/RS algorithm
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