Rugged DIN-rail mounting kit for DPRC series only

  • Dimension: TBD
  • With 4 screws attached to the DRPC-130
  • One Top screw for securing to the DIN rail
Artikelnummer: 505699

Spezifikationen DK-DRPC-R10

DIN-RAIL-MountingTo mount the DRPC-130-AL embedded system
onto a DIN rail, please follow the steps below.
STEP 1Attach the DIN rail mounting bracket to the rear panel of the DRPC-130-AL. Secure the bracket to the system with the supplied retention screws (Figure 3-23)
STEP 2Make sure the inserted screw in the center of the bracket is at the lowest position of the elongated hole (Figure 3-24)
STEP 3Place the DIN rail flush against the back of the mounting bracket making sure the edges of the rail are between the upper and lower clamps (Figure 3-25)
STEP 4Secure the DIN rail to the mounting bracket by turning the top screw clockwise. This draws the lower clamp up and secures the system to the DIN rail (Figure 3-25)
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