PCIe FPGA Highest Performance Accelerator Card PCIe FPGA Highest Performance Accelerator Card with Arria 10 1150GX support DDR4 2400Hz 8GB, PCIe Gen3 x8 interface, RoHS

  • Half-Height, Half-Length, Double-slot
  • Power-efficiency, low-latency
  • Supported OpenVINO™ toolkit, AI edge computing ready device
  • FPGAs can be optimized for different deep learning tasks
  • Intel® FPGAs supports multiple float-points and inference workloads.
  • Warning: DO NOT install the Mustang-F100-A10 into the TANK AIoT Dev. Kit before shipment. It is recommended to ship them with their original boxes to prevent the Mustang-F100-A10 from being damaged.
  • Due to the OpenVINO™ toolkit version is upgraded periodically, IEI strongly recommend users to purchase FPGA programmer kit (7Z000-00FPGA00) to upgrade the FPGA bitstreams to get best performance.
ListenpreisEUR 1.745,90 zzgl. MwSt.


Main FPGAIntel® Arria® 10 GX1150 FPGA
Operating SystemsUbuntu 16.04.3 LTS 64-bit, CentOS 7.4 64-bit (Windows® & more OS are coming soon)
Voltage Regulator and Power SupplyIntel® Enpirion® Power Solutions
Memory8G on board DDR4
Dataplane InterfacePCI Express x8
Compliant with PCI Express Specification V3.0
Power Consumption<60W
Operating Temperature5°C~60°C (ambient temperature)
CoolingActive fan
DimensionsStandard Half-Height, Half-Length, Double-slot
Operating Humidity5% ~ 90%
Power ConnectorPreserved PCIe 6-pin 12V external power
Dip Switch/LED indicatorIdentify card number
Support TopologyAlexNet, GoogleNet V1/V2/V4, Yolo Tiny V1/V2, Yolo V2/V3, SSD300,SSD512, ResNet-18/50/101/152, DenseNet121/161/169/201, SqueezeNet 1.0/1.1, VGG16/19, MobileNet-SSD, Inception-ResNetv2,Inception-V1/V2/V3/V4,SSD-MobileNet-V2-coco, MobileNet-V1-0.25-128, MobileNet-V1-0.50-160, MobileNet-V1-1.0-224, MobileNet-V1/V2, Faster-RCNN